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How To Get Out Of Overwhelm And Manage Projects Brilliantly (While Saving Money On IT)


It’s a special kind of relentless attack all business owners and managers face: the persistent, crazy, chaotic assault on your time and attention. No one is immune, and every business deals with it.


Some leaders handle the constant pressure on their attention brilliantly, keeping the team organized and highly productive. But most people struggle with this and feel crushed and overwhelmed by all the things they have to keep track of and do. This goes double if your business is in growth mode and not “standing still” or casually strolling through its existence. 


Add to this a remote workforce, and it can be intensely difficult to wrap your head around all the projects, to-dos, deadlines and client deliverables you and your leadership team must manage.


While we as an IT company cannot tell you what projects are most important, we can absolutely help you and your team stay far more organized and allow you to know if the people on your team are properly aligned, prioritizing the right work and focused on the things you want them to focus on. We can also help you organize communication to lessen the chances of a dropped ball or a communication failure, which is by far the #1 reason why problems happen in business.


Depending on your needs or preference – one of either of these tools we recommend to clients wanting to get more operational control and clearer communication is Microsoft Teams or Google Chat and Meet. There are a lot of reasons why these are “super tools” for productivity and organizational alignment, but as a bonus, it typically ends up saving our clients quite a bit of money on technology, because it replaces other applications, like Slack, Zoom and dozens of popular project management software, putting all of it into one lower-cost, more secure and more tightly integrated system.


Let me share just a few of the cool features you’ll love in Teams or Google Chat/Meet. Keep in mind that this list is far from complete. Both have applications you can pick from to integrate to organize information, workflow, tasks, deadlines, and documents.


Channels and Spaces: These features work a lot like Slack in that it will allow you to post questions, reminders, and status updates to everyone in them regarding that project. This not only keeps ALL communication for a project in one place, but it creates a history and alerts everyone on the team to what’s going on. This feature saves a lot of money for companies using Slack since it’s native and included in Microsoft Teams and Google Chat/Meet.


Video Conferencing: While Teams and Google Meet are not as slick as Zoom, they do have some features that make them better for team collaboration and projects. Plus, they both eliminate expensive Zoom licenses for all employees because Teams is included in Microsoft 365 and Google Chat and Meet are included in Google Workspace.

If you want to see a demo of Teams or Google Chat and Meet do a cost analysis to see how implementing this can save your organization money on Slack, Zoom and other project management software by combining it into one application set, click here to schedule a brief call.

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