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Managed IT Services in SW Missouri & Surrounding Areas

Are you a small or medium sized business struggling with IT?

Say Goodbye to IT Hassles and Focus on Business

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Technology Should Enhance Your Efficiency and allow you to Focus on Growth

Streamline your operations and enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive Managed IT Solutions, taking care of your technology needs so you can focus on your core business.

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What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services refer to comprehensive outsourced IT solutions provided by a Managed Service Provider (MSP). With Managed IT Services, businesses entrust part or all of their IT infrastructure and support needs to a dedicated team of experts. These services cover a wide range of IT functions, including network management, cybersecurity, data backup, software updates, help desk support, and more. The MSP takes a proactive approach, monitoring systems, identifying potential issues, and addressing them before they impact the business. Unlike the outdated break-fix model of IT Support -Managed IT Services provide businesses with reliable and scalable IT solutions, allowing them to focus on their core operations while leveraging the expertise of the MSP to optimize their technology environment.


We help small and mid-size businesses in SW Missouri and surrounding areas with Managed IT Services to keep their technology running safely and smoothly while being easy, productive and affordable.


By leveraging managed IT services, you can reclaim valuable time in your day by eliminating costly downtime, persistent issues, sluggish performance, and other frustrating computer challenges.  

Who Is Managed IT Services For?

For small to medium-sized businesses in Missouri, opting for a local Managed IT Services company is highly recommended. Your business may be an ideal candidate if you have encountered any of the following scenarios:

  • You operate a computer network containing valuable company data.
  • You have experienced a data breach in the past.
  • Your business relies on technology to achieve profitable operations.
  • You store personally identifiable information of employees or clients.

Some small to medium-sized businesses may be tempted to believe, “That won’t happen to us, we’re just a small company. Who would target us?” However, this is precisely the mindset cybercriminals want you to adopt!

In reality, 43% of cyberattacks now target small businesses, and alarmingly, around 60% of those affected businesses face closure within six months following an attack. The impact extends beyond financial losses, as a data breach can severely harm your reputation and standing in the local community. For some businesses, the loss of client trust becomes insurmountable.

Statistics like these underscore the vital importance of Managed IT Services for businesses in Missouri.

What does a Managed Service Agreement Include?

In general, you can anticipate a monthly service and support fee for each user and office location that accesses your company’s network when utilizing Managed IT Services. Your monthly invoice will typically encompass the costs associated with monitoring, managing, and supporting the computers and network infrastructure.

Additionally, Managed IT Services may include fees for monitoring, managing, and supporting other devices within your network, such as servers, backup agents, and security appliances. Your monthly invoice should also account for third-party service costs related to local or cloud backups, subscriptions to Cloud providers, email filtering, and other services tailored to your business requirements.

However, certain items will not be included in your monthly invoice for managed IT services. These items may involve help desk support and project work that falls outside the scope of the Service Level Agreement (SLA), such as:

  • Additions/Changes to accounts, software, or hardware
  • Email migrations necessitating data transfers between hosts
  • Relocating your business to a new premises
  • Network alterations
  • Any other activities that surpass the maintenance of your existing IT environment.
What Do Managed Services for Missouri Cost?

At our company, we prioritize your unique needs and outcomes above all else. We understand that providing you with the precise level of IT support is essential, which is why our pricing structure is flexible and customized to your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure that your business never pays for redundant services, as we never sell our clients anything less than what they truly need.

As each client is distinct, we recognize that generic pricing cannot adequately address your situation. Instead, we take a personalized approach by working closely with your business to develop a package that reflects a comprehensive evaluation of your computer network and aligns with your specific business goals.

Above all, we genuinely care about your success. Our commitment lies in delivering the most reliable and knowledgeable IT security and support to small to medium-sized businesses in Missouri. Rest assured that we are dedicated to serving you and ensuring your technology needs are met with excellence.

We Care About You And Your Team – We Don’t Just Care About Your Computers

We Understand Your Needs

We care about you and the success of your business.

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Managed Services Plans

Our managed service plans are customizable to you and your unique business needs. Every package is designed to keep your infrastructure, network, productivity, and security needs top-of-mind with expert support available at the most critical times. 

Our standard base packages are separated into 3 categories




Each plan can be customized with add-on services

Gain Peace of Mind

Get fast, reliable expert advice you can trust, and be completely confident that your systems are 100% secured and operating smoothly.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate costly downtime, chronic problems, slowness, and other computer headaches for a faster workflow.

Increase Profits

Increase employee productivity by eliminating production bottlenecks with services tailored to your specific needs.

Enjoy The Interactions

Our people-first approach emphasizes active listening, empathy, and clear communication to address concerns, align IT services with business objectives, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Our Managed IT Services Upgrade Success Plan:


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Let Your Business Thrive

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