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Dark Web Intelligence

Secure Your Missouri Business From Hackers And Malware Now!

Don't underestimate the threats. Incorporate Dark Web Intelligence into your cybersecurity arsenal

Act proactively before cybercriminals strike

When a hacker gains unauthorized access to your accounts by obtaining your login credentials, it is typically referred to as an “account takeover” (ATO) attack. In an account takeover, the attacker uses various methods such as phishing, social engineering, or using stolen credentials from data breaches to gain access to your user accounts on websites, email services, or other online platforms.

Once the hacker successfully gains access, they may have control over your account and can potentially misuse it for various purposes, such as stealing sensitive information, conducting fraudulent transactions, sending spam or phishing emails to your contacts, or causing reputational damage. Account takeovers are a significant cybersecurity threat, and it’s essential to implement strong security practices, like using unique and complex passwords, enabling two-factor authentication (2FA), and regularly monitoring your accounts for any suspicious activity, to mitigate the risk of such attacks.

Does your organization have adequate security measures in place? Don’t wait for an ATO incident to occur. With IP Martin Services Dark Web Intelligence, we proactively scan the web to ensure your safety and alert you immediately if any risks are detected. Stay one step ahead of potential threats with our advanced cybersecurity tools and expertise.

Digital Credentials

Your employees rely on digital credentials, like usernames and passwords, to access essential business applications and online services. However, cybercriminals are well aware of this, making digital credentials highly sought-after assets on the Dark Web. When credentials are compromised, they can be misused for various criminal activities, including data breaches of sensitive corporate information and identity theft of individual employees.

Unfortunately, many companies remain unaware that their compromised credentials are being sold on the Dark Web until they experience the repercussions. 



Protected and secure connection to the Dark Web



Diligent searches and monitoring



Notification of compromised credentials



Compromised credentials get changed

Empowering Proactive Cybersecurity Measures

Early detection of breaches enables swift risk mitigation and minimizes collateral damage. The effectiveness relies on the richness and depth of data at your disposal

96% of the web is NOT found on Google

The deep web, also referred to as the invisible web or hidden web, encompasses portions of the World Wide Web that standard search engines do not index. Within the deep web, there exists a subset known as the dark web, which is relatively smaller in size.

Surprisingly, your interaction with the deep web is a regular occurrence. When you utilize platforms like AirBnB to find accommodations or compare flight options on Expedia, you’re delving into the Deep Web. Similarly, accessing your email, online banking, or Amazon account involves the Deep Web.

Each time you log into an account or directly search for information on a specific webpage, you are tapping into Deep Web content that remains hidden from search engine results. This serves as a protective measure, preventing sensitive data like your banking details or Amazon Wishlist from becoming publicly visible through search engines. The intention is to maintain the privacy of these sensitive web pages by excluding them from search engine indexing.

Stay vigilant and respond promptly to breaches in your cybersecurity.


Breaches are caused by human error


Security breaches target small businesses


Small firms go out of business within

6 months of data breach

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