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We Offer Our Expertise To Businesses In Various Industries That Have An Average Of 5 To 250 Employees

Small businesses, regardless of their industry, are prime targets of cybercriminals. Falling victim to their attacks can lead to financial losses and damage to your reputation, potentially even forcing you to shut down your business. That’s why it’s crucial to partner with a dedicated Managed IT Services company focused on safeguarding your business from these threats.

  • Use a Managed IT Services company experienced in catering to the unique needs of small businesses
  • Enhanced email security and resilience through cloud-based services.
  • Improved data backup and recovery solutions using cloud technology
  • Don't compromise on the quality of IT services to save money. Partner with us, where we deliver quality solutions without compromising on security, reliability, or efficiency.

For medium-sized businesses across all industries, adopting a Co-Managed IT Services approach is optimal. Maintain a small in-house team of technicians to address immediate issues, while partnering with an outsourced IT company like us to proactively manage and optimize your IT infrastructure.

  • Proactive monitoring and management of network and computer systems with regular software updates for increased productivity and security
  • Data backups and disaster recovery solutions for data protection
  • Tansition to cloud-based computing for improved accessibility and flexibility
  • Enhanced cybersecurity and protection against cyber threats

Architects and Engineers can trust us for our specialized knowledge in delivering customized IT solutions designed to meet the distinct demands of their industry. With our expertise, they gain improved security, efficient technology infrastructure, and reliable data backups. We understand the specific hardware and software needs of AutoCAD and Revit, ensuring their critical design and project data are well-protected and easily accessible. 

  • Customized IT solutions specifically designed to meet the distinctive requirements of the architectural and engineering industry
  • Technology infrastructure, specially designed to accommodate the unique demands of AutoCAD and Revit software, ensuring seamless and efficient operations
  • Increased productivity and reduced downtime with a robust and well-maintained IT infrastructure.
  • Reliable data backups to safeguard critical project information and designs

Your success knows no bounds

Technology Should Enhance Your Efficiency and allow you to Focus on Growth

Streamline your operations and enjoy peace of mind with our comprehensive Managed IT Solutions, taking care of your technology needs so you can focus on your core business.

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Financial industries handle sensitive client information. Trust is crucial, and protecting this data from cybercriminals is of utmost importance. With our managed IT services, financial services companies can ensure the security of their clients’ information, minimizing the risk of data breaches and maintaining their clients’ trust. We implement robust cybersecurity measures, proactive monitoring, and compliance with state and federal guidelines, providing peace of mind and a secure environment for both the financial institutions and their clients.

  • Tailored IT consulting services designed to meet the unique needs of the financial services industry
  • Effective disaster recovery planning and implementation to ensure uninterrupted business operations and data protection
  • Enhanced cybersecurity to protect sensitive financial data
  • Thorough cybersecurity training to empower employees with the knowledge and skills to protect against cyber threats

Healthcare providers play a critical role in safeguarding patient information and ensuring its utmost confidentiality. By proactively fortifying their IT infrastructure, healthcare providers can create a secure environment that protects patient privacy and upholds their commitment to ethical standards and regulatory compliance. Prioritizing cybersecurity not only preserves patient trust but also safeguards the reputation and integrity of your healthcare institution.

  • Improved cybersecurity and compliance with HIPAA
  • Proactive monitoring and management of computer systems, ensuring smooth operations
  • Expert IT consulting tailored to healthcare industry needs
  • Comprehensive training on IT security best practices to ensure HIPAA compliance and safeguard patient data

Legal firms can leverage numerous IT services, including cloud migration, anti-phishing software, and data backups, to enhance their operations. Ensuring seamless operations, safeguarding client data, and avoiding downtime are critical aspects of your business that we prioritize.

  • Enhanced cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive legal data
  • Improved data protection through reliable backup solutions
  • Increased productivity with efficient IT solutions
  • Expert IT consulting tailored to legal industry needs

We Care About You And Your Team – We Don’t Just Care About Your Computers

We Understand Your Needs

We care about you and the success of your business.

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By outsourcing to a Managed IT Services company, non-profits can fortify their cybersecurity and benefit from comprehensive solutions that go beyond merely resolving computer issues. This proactive approach safeguards against cybercriminals who target vulnerable organizations with limited budgets.

  • Discover a Managed IT Services Provider that aligns with your budgetary requirements
  • Implement robust IT security procedures for enhanced protection
  • Develop a reliable business continuity plan to ensure smooth operations
  • Enjoy automatic updates for software and hardware to stay up-to-date and secure

We understand the critical importance of avoiding downtime for the success of any construction company. Our expertise in selecting the right technology, applications, and tech solutions can profoundly influence the cost of downtime and play a pivotal role in meeting project deadlines. Trust us to keep your construction business running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Enhanced security through defined maintenance and protocols
  • Data protection and recovery planning
  • Upgrades to high-quality systems and hardware
  • Gain expert IT consulting and streamline your operations

Among all industries, manufacturers require the most cutting-edge technology and hardware to optimize efficiency. Select a Managed IT Service Provider that ensures your systems stay up-to-date and free from downtime.leo.

  • Empower your business with outsourced IT management
  • Train your employees on IT Security best practices
  • Swiftly update systems to stay ahead
  • Implement a robust security and data backup and recovery plan

Our Managed IT Services 3-Step Success Plan:


Schedule A Discovery Call


Customize Your Services And Support Options


Let Your Business Thrive

Gain Peace of Mind

Get fast, reliable expert advice you can trust, and be completely confident that your systems are 100% secured and operating smoothly.

Improve Efficiency

Eliminate costly downtime, chronic problems, slowness, and other computer headaches for a faster workflow.

Increase Profits

Increase employee productivity by eliminating production bottlenecks with services tailored to your specific needs.

Enjoy The Interactions

Our people-first approach emphasizes active listening, empathy, and clear communication to address concerns, align IT services with business objectives, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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