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What is an IT Security Risk Assessment?

Excellent question! Our IT Risk Assessment is designed to identify your specific technology needs. We thoroughly examine your business and technology to:

  • Identify Security Vulnerabilities and Strengths
  • Evaluate the Status of Data Backups
  • Assess General Technology Improvements
  • Review Relevant Compliance Standards
  • Address Any Other Technology-Related Concerns, Issues, or Areas of Improvement


Assessments typically last an hour. We usually ask to see your server room and to talk with someone familiar with your network.


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What Can You Expect from the Assessment?

During our IT Assessment, our primary focus is to be a reliable consultant and expert for your organization.

We will gladly offer a service quote based on the observed needs and the discussed requirements. Additionally, you can expect us to provide actionable recommendations. such as:

  • Enhancing network security measures
  • Proposing efficiency and speed enhancements for your network and internet
  • Identifying necessary or beneficial hardware investments
  • Highlighting opportunities for cost savings
  • Sharing valuable insights and best practices gathered from numerous local client networks.


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Do You Only Work with Certain Types of Technology?

We pride ourselves on being technology agnostic, which means you don’t need to switch to our hardware to become our client.


Although we do have preferred products and offer strong recommendations, especially regarding security, we respect your choices and won’t impose a one-size-fits-all solution.


Over our 18 years in business, we have gained extensive experience working with a wide range of software and hardware, including legacy and industry-specific products.

Do you cater to businesses in my industry?

With a rich history of over 18 years, IP Martin has been delivering support to organizations throughout SW Missouri. From non-profit entities to technology leaders, we have seen the inner workings of hundreds of networks.


Our expertise extends across a diverse range of industries, including Finance, Banking, Healthcare, Technology, Non-Profits, Legal Firms, Manufacturing, Construction, and more.


As masters of the IT craft, we are well-equipped to handle any environment, no matter how complex or unique, and make a meaningful impact.

Legal Firms, Finance, Healthcare, Architects, Engineers & more

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